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5 More Ways to Market Your Business

Here are 5 more ways to market your business. Email… Are you building your email list?  Remember that it’s mandatory that you own your list. Why? To maintain control and treat your email list at your asset. That way you’re not having to rely on retaining...

10 Ways to Market Your Business

Looking for ways to grow your expertise and exposure?  Here are 10 ways to do just that. Public Relations… Did you know you can create buzz around your business and get press coverage?  Just think of what would be of interest to the public, write up a...
Is Your Brand Costing You Money?

Is Your Brand Costing You Money?

Branding is the essential foundation for your business. Congratulations! You have a brand! Or do you?  Company logo—check. Tagline—check. Online banners—check. But brand goes well beyond the logo and tagline: Do you have the clear and relevant messages that connect...