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About CKO Marketing

How are we different? We look beyond the quick fixes or “flavor of the month” marketing tactics, and instead create strategies for rising above the noise in the marketplace—all to stand out. Creating messages that reach, connect, and speak to your prospects and clients is key. We listen, inquire, and encourage to get clients thinking about the real possibilities for their marketing. AND, we provide results.

CKO Marketing Group provides a beacon of light through the oceans of marketing choices.


Carolyn Ortman is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and marketing expert. Her acclaim comes from industry experts in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

She is President of CKO Marketing Group—a firm that specializes in marketing and branding strategies. Clients learn approaches and methods for standing out above the marketplace “noise.” Having spoken to over 1,200 audiences internationally, she has developed, presented, and facilitated programs that offer insight and practical tools for immediate application.

Carolyn has an MBA and draws from more than 20 years of business expertise—including a decade of corporate management.

Her audiences and clients come from a variety of industries: nonprofit, education, and Fortune 500 companies, including McLane Foods, Budweiser, New York Life, Parkview Hospital, and Catholic Charities. Hosting business functions for B2B and B2C matching has also made her a master business connector.

As the daughter of an artist, she has a sensibility for creative thinkers in the exacting world of business. Growing up with a family of public speakers, professors and entrepreneurs, Carolyn learned creative ways to market and brand toward a changing world.

Seeing clients prevail compels her passion, “I create a space for clients that helps them apply a few marketing principles to make big strides.”

Carolyn also teaches at the University of California at Riverside Extension Program, and is an award-winning Toastmasters speaker and volunteer business mentor and trainer.

Walking in high heels is a talent she’s still learning.

Her balance is best reached as a hot yoga enthusiast and a spin fanatic.

She takes on adventures to challenge herself.

As proof, she has a scar from a class five river rafting mishap and fond memories of skydiving.

J. Gregory Wright, MBA 


J. Gregory Wright is a successful Facebook Advertising and Marketing Automation expert helping clients design and implement advanced client acquisition strategies at a profit.

Gregory can build sales and marketing funnels that convert ‘browsers’ into ‘buyers’ and create complimentary advertising campaigns that build a consistent flow of qualified leads.

Once a client is acquired, Gregory constructs additional campaigns to enhance long-term customer value while continuing to attract new business and maximize ROI.

Gregory has been a sales and marketing executive with substantial experience in start-up and growth-oriented organizations. He is a builder of new markets with exceptional B2B and B2C sales, and business development skills.

Managed cross-functional teams, budgeting, forecasting, and developed strategic partnerships.

Gregory received his B.S. in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh and his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, Graziodio School of Business & Management.

Certified Facebook Advertiser, Distinguished Advertising Agency, Certified Social Media Manager, Advanced Sales Funnel Strategist, SEO/SEO Local Expert, Master of Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Frank Ortiz 

Business Trainer, Coach and Speaker

Frank Ortiz is a consultant and coach to businesses in various areas such as operations, marketing, customer service, and administration.

His 30+ years in executive leadership roles in large corporations along with 13+ years of owning and operating his own business qualifies him to deliver high performance to your business.

Due to Frank’s innovation, he created a unique concept for automotive accessories, which spurred many copycat stores, including Ford Motor Company, which opened its own stores modeled after Frank’s vision. Frank opened 14 retail stores throughout Southern California with sales over $7 million.

With experience motivating sales teams, his success reached various industries, such as automotive, cosmetic, distribution and direct sales fields.

Frank’s expert topics include: Business Strategies, Leadership Skills, Coaching & Mentoring, Managing a High Performance Workplace, Team Building, and Presentation Skills.

As a trusted coach and advisor, Frank continues to teach and mentor hundreds of individuals and receives messages about the tremendous impact he has made on their lives.

CONTACT US TODAY: 951.256.4864 | info@ckomarketing.com