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Here are 5 more ways to market your business.

Email… Are you building your email list?  Remember that it’s mandatory that you own your list. Why? To maintain control and treat your email list at your asset. That way you’re not having to rely on retaining contacts from your social media accounts. Grow your email list through such activities as offering a free report or eBook in exchange for an email, collecting emails at events, inviting audiences to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and more.

Events… Hosting your own events doesn’t have to be burdensome. Events can give you some new exposure. Start by setting up a Meet Up group and invite people to join. Just as you can grow your email list, you’ll grow your Meet Up list. And Meet-Up helps with promotion by sending emails about your Meet Up to others interested in your topic category. You can also host a small in-person workshop at your local hotel, shared executive office space, or small business center. If you want to jump online, consider hosting a telesummit in which a group of experts share their knowledge through a video conferencing platform such as Zoom.  (Think of it like a mini conference—but all online!) With so many choices for events, all you need to start is your calendar to schedule the date!

Podcasts… Another viable option to share your expertise and grow your following. As you host your podcasts, you’ll become known as a “go-to” expert in your field. Podcasts are audio broadcasts that consist of a series of episodes. The value of podcasts is the narrow focus they provide for reaching your specific targeted audience. Podcast activity is getting hotter. But with 180,000 to 250,000 podcasts online there’s still less competition, which is a plus for you! Consider audio as a powerful way to build relationships with your audience, especially since listeners engage in other activities while listening, and are more likely to listen all the way through.

Blogs… Have you ever been told by marketing experts or coaches that you “need to start blogging”?  Why is this so important? Let’s first understand what a blog is: Blogs provide content on a topic in a more informal way and are usually written using a casual tone. Blogs are one more way to establish you as an expert in your field. Blogs are usually linked to your website but can be shared on blog directories like www.blogarama.com.

Ellen Finkelstein of www.changetheworldmarketing.com touts additional benefits of blogging:  Blogs engages your subscribers and customers, bring new people to your website—people who are searching for your content, and are great places to make offers for free and paid content. Bonus: When you consistently add fresh blog posts to your website, Google rewards you by ranking you higher in organic  searches.

Customer Service… What?  Yes, you read that right! How well are you taking care of your current customers? Today there’s more talk around the Customer Experience (CX). This involves all the ways your business interacts with a customer. I’ve trained and coached many company employees and managers on how best to provide excellent customer service. They are often surprised to discover the gaps in their customer service—and easy fixes. In the whole marketing mix, customer service tends to get overlooked. How do customers feel interacting with your employees? What do they experience? How can you serve them better? These are solid questions to start asking.

I see businesses constantly prospecting for new business. That’s great! Did you know it costs up to 5 times as much to gain a new customer versus keeping the ones you have? So don’t neglect your current customers who can purchase additional products and services–and feed you a list of referrals. Treat them well and they will reward you handsomely!

So there you go, 5 more ways to market your business!  Remember try one marketing tactic and measure its effectiveness. Reach out if you have questions or need some help: carolyn@ckomarketing.com

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