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Looking for ways to grow your expertise and exposure?  Here are 10 ways to do just that.

Public Relations… Did you know you can create buzz around your business and get press coverage?  Just think of what would be of interest to the public, write up a press release, and send it to online and offline news outlets and publications. Are you having a grand opening?  Are you putting on an event and supporting a local cause?  Did your business hit a milestone?  Think about what might be newsworthy.

Video Marketing… As the #2 search engine behind Google, YouTube just keeps getting hotter! You’ll build your audience engagement, relevance, and following by producing videos for online distribution. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social platforms now give you more choices to share your content. Remember, too, that video builds your SEO and extends your brand.

Speaking… Do you attend networking events to learn from the expert guest speakers?  Why can’t that be you?  Set a goal to speak at least once a month to a Meet-Up group, professional association, conference, local community center, occupational alliance, club, roundtable, or the like.  Many groups need your expertise and knowledge, so get going and share your message with the world!  You never know where your message could take you.

Sponsorships… This tactic doesn’t need to blow your marketing budget. Smart sponsorships mean understanding what you get for your sponsor dollars. Discuss and negotiate with the event organizer how your business will get the best exposure.  Sometimes a few hundred dollars will get your business name out there to thousands you could not otherwise reach.  I recently sponsored a colleague’s new book and placed information about my business in the resource section of the book.

Promotions… If you have an email list, it’s easy to share a special promotion just for them. It could be a 50% off special for a limited time on coaching services, or a new product, book, or other service. Offer a special discount to groups you may be speaking to – or those you network with – online and offline. The opportunities are endless.

Radio and TV… Did you know there are Internet radio stations and shows just waiting for guest speakers like you? Send press releases about your interesting business happenings to local cable TV and community access channels. Connect with and build relationships with the directors and station managers to leverage future exposure for you and your business. How can you contribute to special days, such as National Mentor Day, National Nurses Day, or National Tourist Appreciation Day? Visit nationaltoday.com and discover more days to celebrate!

Mobile… Collecting email addresses for your email list?  Why not collect mobile phone numbers as well.  Of course, in either case you will make sure you ask for permission through an opt-in choice. Once that’s cleared, make sure your mobile subscribers feel special by offering them something of value that only they can get. This could include 40% off a special event for the next 48 hours only, or a link to a chapter in your new book as a “preview” to your upcoming book launch.  The ideas are endless! 

Volunteer… What groups of people do you enjoy hanging out with?  For me, I lend my volunteer hours to fellow entrepreneurs and up-and-coming business owners. Sharing my knowledge (as I recently did at my local small business center) not only gives me exposure to a target audience, but positions me as the go-to expert on the topic I am presenting.  In this case the topic was, “Pricing for Profitability.”  Can you mentor a child, or volunteer at a community center or senior center?  What about at your child’s school?  Yes, these take your time, but you’ll be building relationships AND making someone’s day! How awesome is that?

Direct… Is direct mail and phone dead? Not necessarily. With so much online clutter advertisers and marketers must bust through, you’ll want to explore alternatives that help you stand above the field!  Sending a simple postcard or letter could be what you need. Make sure your design and message are simple and clear.  Too many times I see printed pieces trying to achieve too much:  announce a special and provide information on products and give too much information on the company – all within one piece!  Yikes! That’s true information overload. We know the confused mind does not buy.  So keep it simple.

Networking… I hesitated to include this one because networking can get “bad press.” Why? Because people do not leverage it properly and waste their time. Here are a few tips: Have a strategy for attending the networking event. In other words, how many people do you want to meet?  Are you looking for a referral partner?  Do you want to connect with the organizer? Also, ask for what you want. If given the opportunity to introduce yourself in front of the group, ask for something specific. “I’m looking to connect with someone in hospital administration.  If you may know someone, please connect with me at the end of the meeting.”  This could open the doors to good quality referrals and relationships.

Well, there’s your list for now.  I could list so many more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you!  Just take one and try it for a little while. Chart your time and the marketing tactic’s effectiveness. And don’t forget to have some fun along the way!! You deserve it! ?  Reach out if you have questions or need support: carolyn@ckomarketing.com.

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